Training Equipment

The Basketballs and Basketball Equipment featured in this section have been developed to help players improve their Basketball Skills, such as Shooting, Rebounding, Ball Control, Dribbling, Touch and Passing Strength.

Baden now use a new smaller concealed valve on their Basketballs so it is imperative that the correct size needle is used when inflating the Basketballs otherwise damage can occur and the valve can be pushed inside the ball.

It is also important that needles are moistened before use as a significant amount of heat is generated during inflation and can result in the needle sticking to the valve.

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Baden Heavyweight Training Ball

The Skilcoach Heavyweight trainer is available in official sizes 7 and 6. This overweight ball has a true bounce and is ideal for developing hand, wrist, arm and chest strength.

Multi-Sport Agility Ladder

4mtr long ladder supplied on a carrying handle which makes laying out and collecting in storage very easy.

Six Seater Folding Chair

The perfect portable, affordable seating solution for sports teams and spectators

Spalding Heavyweight Training Ball

The Spalding NBA 3 lb. Trainer Weighted basketball weighs twice as much as traditional basketballs and is perfect for training purposes.