Pro Level Scoreboards

The scoreboards in this section are ideal for large arena's hosting big games.

The single sided LED/LCD display means that game information can be seen prominently from any side of the court.

Viewing distances for these scoreboards range between 110 metres to 160 metres (subject to model)

Sportserve Ltd also offers upgrade kits & hand consoles to ensure your scoring system complies with all the new FIBA rules for scoring basketball games.


**Delivery times may vary as these are imported to order; Pricing of electronic scoreboards is exclusive of VAT **

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Stramatel 452 MB 7020-2 & 7120...

A pro level wall-mounted electronic scoreboard with individual fouls & programmable player...

BT6230 Alpha

The large BT6230 Alpha multi-sport scoreboard was specially designed for basketball becaus...

Stramatel 452 MF 7020 & 7120

This pro FIBA 1 level wall mounted electronic scoreboard comes with a multisport programme...

BT6530 Alpha

The large BT6530 Alpha multi-sport electronic scoreboard was designed for basketball becau...

Stramatel 452 MF 3023 & 3123

This FIBA level 1 multi sport electronic scoreboard is wall mounted and displays the score...

BT6730 Alpha 12P H10

The large BT6730 Alpha 12P H10 multi-sport scoreboard is designed for professional basketb...
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BT6730 Video 12M 12P H15

The BT6730 Video 12M 12P H15 is a multi-sport scoreboard, perfect fitted for international...
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