Portable Scoreboards

All the electronic scoreboards in this section are portable and easily transportable.

The units can be placed on a desk or table top when in use.

Viewing distances for these scoreboards range between 30 and 60 metres (subject to model).

**Delivery times may vary as these are imported to order; Pricing of electronic scoreboards is exclusive of VAT **

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Possession Indicator Arrow

Make it clear which team is pushing toward the net and which team is defending with the Electronic Basketball Possession Indicator. Fans can quickly glance at the large LED arrow indicating possession to see if their team has the ball after a possible turnover.

PSM - 160

The PSM-160 is an electronic multisport portable scoreboard. It is equipped with a folding control console and is ideal for many sports activities

Stramatel MultiTop Eco Scoreboard

Ergonomic, light, easy to carry and to store, the Multi-Top is manufactured following an eco-design approach intended to minimise energy consumption and transport impact.

FC50H15 Multi Sport Scoreboard

Multisport scoreboard suitable for multidiscipline use (basketball, volleyball, futsal, etc.) in small sports halls.

BT6015 Compak

The BT6015 Compak scoreboard is a small multisport indoor scoreboard. This scoreboard features the display of basic information such as score and timer

Stramatel ME 800 Eco Score

Multilingual programme. Customisable stickers (Home / Guests)

BT6015 Classic

The BT6015 scoreboard is a small multi-sport scoreboard with Home & Guest display stickers.

BT6015 Alpha

The BT6015 Alpha scoreboard is a small multi-sport scoreboard with dynamic display of team names.