Portable Scoreboards

All the electronic scoreboards in this section are portable and easily transportable.

The units can be placed on a desk or table top when in use.

Viewing distances for these scoreboards range between 30 and 60 metres (subject to model).

**Delivery times may vary as these are imported to order; Pricing of electronic scoreboards is exclusive of VAT **

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Possession Indicator Arrow

Make it clear which team is pushing toward the net and which team is defending with the El...

PSM - 160

The PSM-160 is an electronic multisport portable scoreboard. It is equipped with a folding...

Stramatel MultiTop Eco Scorebo...

Ergonomic, light, easy to carry and to store, the Multi-Top is manufactured following an e...

FC50H15 Multi Sport Scoreboard

Multisport scoreboard suitable for multidiscipline use (basketball, volleyball, futsal, et...

BT6015 Compak

The BT6015 Compak scoreboard is a small multisport indoor scoreboard. This scoreboard feat...

Stramatel ME 800 Eco Score

Multilingual programme. Customisable stickers (Home / Guests)

BT6015 Classic

The BT6015 scoreboard is a small multi-sport scoreboard with Home & Guest display stickers...

BT6015 Alpha

The BT6015 Alpha scoreboard is a small multi-sport scoreboard with dynamic display of team...