Karate Scoreboards

Sportserve Ltd's range of Karate Electronic Scoreboards feature high quality LED displays along with evolvable programming updates, in case of new rule, for example. These electronic scoreboards have a readability range from 35M - 60M, and can be cabled or wireless dependant on the model.

Sportserve also offers additional extras like a separate judges control console, or repeater timer (with or withour buzzer) for the warm up room if required

***Pricing of electronic scoreboards is exclusive of VAT***


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K-Top Scoreboard

The K-Top is a portable martial arts electronic scoreboard. It runs on batteries and is eq...

Karate Chronotop

An ergonomic and easy to transport indoor display electronic scoreboard specifically desig...

CKM Karate Scoreboard

This intermediate level competition electronic scoreboard is designed to be wall mounted w...

CKF Karate Scoreboard

This high level competition electronic scoreboard is supplied with a wheeled stand for eas...

CKM Repeater Scoreboard

Designed for Karate competitions. This electronic board repeats data from the main scorebo...

CKF Repeater Scoreboard

Designed for high level Karate competitions. It repeats data from the main scoreboard and ...