Indoor/Outdoor Basketballs

The Basketballs in this section are designed to harbour some of the qualities of both indoor basketballs and outdoor basketballs.

They are tough enough to withstand harsh outdoor surfaces whilst maintaining some of the grip and softness of an indoor basketball.

All Rubber Basketballs can be used both Indoors and Outdoors, however the higher grade Composite Basketballs, such as the Baden Equaliser or the Molten GM Basketballs, are designed with a harder surface to withstand outdoor usage as well as being suitable as a Match ball for non National Competitions.

Baden now use a new smaller concealed valve on their Basketballs so it is imperative that the correct size needle is used when inflating the Basketballs otherwise damage can occur and the valve can be pushed inside the ball.

It is also important that needles are moistened before use as a significant amount of heat is generated during inflation and can result in the needle sticking to the valve.

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