3x3 Basketball Scoreboards

All the electronic scoreboards in this section are designed for 3x3 Basketball tournaments. 

3x3 Basketball or 3on3 is growing fast in the UK originally played outside on asphalt within the inner city, the game has now been developed worldwide by the governing body FIBA. Played on a half court (half of a FIBA regulation Basketball pitch) there are 2 teams of 3 players and 1 basket. The aim is to score as many baskets as possible within the 2 periods of 5 minute game play.

Viewing distances for these scoreboards range between 50 and 100 metres (subject to model).

***Pricing of electronic scoreboards is exclusive of VAT***

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BT6120 & BT6120 Alpha

The BT6120 comes with removable team name stickers (Home/Guest) This scoreboard features the display of key information for most sports. The scoreboard is designed for sports halls hosting national competitions.

Stramatel 452 XME 3000 & 3100

This electronic scoreboard has all the information repeated on the LCD-screen of the control console as well as evolvable with additional modules and programming updates